Business Process Re - Engineering

BPR as we know it requires an extensive knowledge of Industry Standards, Benchmarks and an understanding of processes. BPR and Benchmarking require very strong knowledge and understanding. It is a classic case of combining Text Book knowledge, Practical Approach and Strong Leadership.

Patel Jain & Associates very well understands that BPR is no child’s play and to create a Benchmark requires un-ending hard work and determination from people who know about machines and processes. Apart from our partners who are keen about Engineering and know abnormally too much about processes considering their qualification, we also have engineers on board to help us with these assignments..

We take up BPR & Benchmarking Assignments with a lot of passion and dedication.

We understand people and our natural tendency to believe in change, and therefore we work around those very people – making them an integral part of our BPR assignments.

We do not rest until we get the best out of our assignment and make them successful.